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Having just put the deposit on our first ever Peugeot (and first ever French car full stop).
We wanted a small run around for the wife, with room enough to occasionally fit the kids in if needed, and I decided to go left field of my normal safe choices 'cos, hey, sometimes you just have to try something new to you :)
I am hoping that won't come back and bite me in the rear !!
So sometime this week we will be getting ourselves a 44k miles 57 plate 207 S 3 door 1.4 petrol manual in metallic blue. As far as my untrained but (hopefully) quite experienced eye could tell, it seem like a genuine well looked after tidy example.
It has had a cambelt and waterpump change 4k miles ago (although 3 years) and certainly drove well on the short test drive.
I am hoping that I won't need to trouble you lot too much, but if something goes amiss, that this will be the place I can get help ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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