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clutch went on my 307 (reliable high mileage sh*tbox that's just passed it's MOT) so having that replaced, and there's been some gearbox noise and selection issues for months so thinking about swapping that out for a recon box at the same time because it's been getting worse and the garage said they would swap out the gearbox for the same price as just a clutch change if I provide the gearbox, because the gearbox will be dropped anyway and there's little to no extra work needed.

i've had a look on Peugeot service box and it shows a few gearbox codes for my car / engine

CP (13X59)
MARKING (CP42) CN19 (CQ15) CQ15 CP42

Can I put in any of these boxes or do I have to exactly match to the one that is currently in the car?

the CP42, CN19 seem to be very few on ebay and the like, and the CQ15 seem to be more readily available and cheaper.

also the CQ15 shows some from Citroen C4's on ebay, can I put these ones in as a straight swap without any other bits needed?
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