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I recently purchased a 207 1.4 8v KFT with a gearbox/clutch problem.

No problem I thought drained gearbox to find a ball bearing falling out with the oil not what I wanted but half expected.
Gearbox is out and there are more metal components moving around inside (that shouldn't be moving) and a lot of play on the main shaft.
The gearbox has a code on it 20QC65 now I am in the mindset that i must find another gearbox with the same code to match to the engine this is proving difficult or very expensive for this gearbox.
Would I be better off getting the box I have refurbished or risk buying another box that could potentially last 6 months and back to square one due to a bad shaft bearing.
Is it possible to use an alternative gearbox and maybe just swap the bell housing over?
Or should i cut my loses and break the thing up for parts and sell the shell to the highest bidder?

Any advice is much appreciated
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