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Hi all, I'm experiencing 2 problems with my 06 2.0ltr petrol auto 307.

Issue 1 gearbox
When stopping the gearbox will sometimes appear to go into neutral and then 'clunck' back into drive after about 5 seconds when I'm trying to take off. It mostly does this once warm and is usually when in city traffic, stop start stuff.
Any ideas what it could be?

Issue 2 fuelling
Just on 2 weeks ago I put about 25 litres of 91 instead of usual 98 in my tank when it was very low, they had no 95/98, late at night no other option. After about 5 km it started to starve of fuel and had to pull to the side of the road, turn the engine off, wait 30 seconds and go again. The starving would happen again after about 2 km's. I got it home ok and drained the fuel from the tank (would have had around 5 litres left, maybe less) and replaced with 15 litres of 98. Then the depollution warning came on and has been there ever since. The car drove fine at speed 80km plus but when coming out if corners or after stopping, the starving happened again. I then filled it completely with 98 and the problem went away. As the fuel level got to just under half a tank the issue came back. Ive refilled it and it appears to have gone away although i have noticed a very very slight stutter.
Any ideas on this one?

Many thanks in advance.
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