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I was wondering if anyone could shed a little light on what is wrong with my gears.

Basically, in Feb of last year I had a major problem with the gears. Eventually it turned out to be the gear selector that was replaced. Luckily, it was still under warenty or it would cost me £588.23 of which £408.56.

Now just over a year there seems to be more problems.

When I try to select 3rd or 4th gear, there seems to be some thing stopping it from going in. I have to use more force and if I think it's selected when it isn't, then it just jumps out.

It may be that I can't fix it (very likely), but, I would just like to know what it is, because the last time I phoned the garage the receptonist basically tried to tell me there was nothing wrong with the car, and having worked for Robins and Day and drove lots of peugeot's, she knows! It turned out there was. So, a little knowledge would help.

Many thanks

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