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G'day all,

I'm the proud owner of Monte; a 2006 Montebello blue 307 HDi 2.0 XSE wagon, with 6 speed manual, sunroof, black leather interior, and almost 300,000 kilometres on the clock.

I love my little car, and have owned Monte for roughly 8 months. After owning a very quick Volvo V70 T5 turbo several years ago and regretting ever selling it, this car fills a bit of a void; Monte is quick and engaging to drive. Before Monte I owned a Subaru Forester, which would have to be the most boring car I've ever driven. I also own a 1958 Holden (local Aussie car manufacturer) sedan that I built into a track car a few years ago, with a 3.3 litre straight 6, triple Webers, Corvette seats, Supra 5 speed gearbox etc., running on semi slick tyres. It's a whole heap of fun.

Monte and I have a challenge coming up next year, when I relocate from Tasmania to the Northern Territory; roughly a 3000 kilometre drive. I've had a couple of issues with Monte recently, so I'll definitely be reading and asking lots of questions of the forum members.

Kind regards,

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