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Our 407 2.0 HDi SV saloon this morning failed its MOT on 2 flexi hoses and diesel leak somewhere around the tank, I have found wet/damp around the sender unit itself on top of the tank....
....I presume this will require the replacement of the cap and seal to rectify?

....Can this be done via the flap beneath the rear seat as local independent Pug garage say they would need to drop the tank?

....'if' it can be done via the flap, is it likely to be as simple as it looks for me to do at home rather than paying the £150 quoted?

Thanks in advance :thumb:

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I took the sender unit out myself a couple of months ago to clean it.

No need to drop the tank easily done through hole below seat, think there is an update seal for them as I think it's a common issue.

It's easier if you have as little fuel in the tank as possible when re-seating the unit as the float pushes back when it reaches the fuel.
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