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Hi there,
My fuel guage never showed full when i filled the tank. It only ever showd half all the time when i filled the tank. But dropped down the empty but when i filled it back up it always said i had half. So i went out today and bit the bull buy the horn and went out and brought a brand new sender guage unit from pug. I got it back stuck it in and the guage would not move.. so i thought ahh its faulty and took it back and got another one and its doing the same thing..

I was told it needed to be calibrated via Plannet but i cant find the settings I even stuck the old one back in and it just shows empty all the time now i have checked all the plugs are correct...

could someone please help me..

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look in bsi parameters
look for fuel level and see whats it reading
see what readings it gives you, bear in mind what you think or know thats in the tank.
also look in instrument panel ecu and look at data / parameters again their cant remember if it gives a reading or not ? comare readings to gauge readings,
could be a gauge fault in the instrument panel ?

i think from memory it give resistance of tank sender unit and approx litres.
and some other readings

you could try this
ignition off,
if you can lift the plug out of the floor and plug the old tank sender in, dont take out the new one. set the float to empty
ignition on ( make sure you remove the connector to the fuel pump its self if it has one cuz if thiers any fuel still in the pump it will spray it every where)
read bsi again parameters again and if available in instrument panel,

do same again at different levels i.e. quarter / half / and three quarters and full.
see what reading you get ata all levels and again compare all readings to instrument panel.

you may have to leave the ignition off for a while between level changes and remove the fuel cap if hdi with dpf,

i dont remember those tank units having to be calibrated, how ever i have had to do the stuff above, to get some read correctly,,,,,
i think pug dealers have a resistor set to do this.

see how it goes

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