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hi new to the forum trying to change the fuel filter on my 57 reg 2 litre hdi 136bhp its a plastic housing the top has to be turned to remove the fuel filter looks very weakish should i remove the complete housing or remove in situ any help would be most gratefull :lol:

The canisters have been known to split, or mounting tabs to break, so if it doesn't come off easily ising a proper oil filter canister socket, then don't force it.

Remove the canister (there are 2 types and it'll either unclip or unbolt, and the fuel pipes unclip - very easy all round) and place it upside down in a vice with the hex bit gripped in the jaws. Then wrap a cloth round the body of the canister and you should be able to grip it an undo it by hand.

Make sure you keep it all spotlessly clean throughout. A micron sized lump of clag could lunch the high pressure pump.

Good luck.
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