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I have tried to change the fuel filter on my 206, 1.6 8V from 1999, where the filter is situated underneath the rear of the vehicle, on the right-hand side of the front of the fuel tank. The only problem is that I can not get the fuel pipe connectors of the filter. How do I get them off??
In the Haynes service and repair manual (Figure 16.3 on page 1A 13) it looks quite simple. You just depress the retaining clips on the fuel pipe connectors (shown as white in the picture) and detach the fuel pipes from the fuel filter. But on mine the connectors look differently. There are no clips to squeeze together, but two 2-3 mm thick ”wings” on the connectors, at the end close to the filter but they can not be pressed in. They are part of the solid connector material. Have tried to squeeze them with a tool, but they do not move, and I do not want to damage the connector. Have also tried to "flip" the connector outwards with a flat tool inserted between the filter and the fuel pipe connector - but they will not detach at all. They are connected very tight around rings at the filter ends, but it is possible to turn them a bit clockwise.
Are there two kinds of connectors for the 206, as Haynes shows one kind with white clips and mine have no clips or white areas at all?
Tips to get the fuel pipe connectors off from the fuel filter are appreciated!
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