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Fuel additive on minimum level and unblock diesel filter messages?

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Hello everyone.
I'm new to the forums and was wondering if anyone can help?

I bought a 307 sw 2.0 Hdi (110) yesterday and as i was driving home the engine management light came on. There were two errors that came up:
1. Diesel Additive Mnimum Level
2. Unblock diesel filter

I've read the book and it says Consult Dealer.

What can i do to get this sorted out with the least amount of hassle and cost!

I understand that it may be able to get this done by another garage, but the reset on the instrument panel will need to be done by a dealership.

I am in the Hemel area.

many thanks
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Warning Messages!!!

i had a 307 hdi 110 and had so many problems with those bloody messages. (see other posts). the additive message is because the 110 version has an F.A.P filter in the central part of the exhaust which essentially has carbon emissions run thru it which are 'cleaned' and dissolved before the exit the backbox. this fap filter does it by way of a special additive. This will need to be topped up by a dealer. typically 3 hours work to dismantle the exhaust and fap filter. I wangled mine thru warranty but think dealers charge bout £60ph+vat and parts.

fuel filter- i replaced my diesel filter EVERY time i had a service even though you dont have to. makes a big difference to performance if you do though. worth the extra money on a service. saying that, i never got rid of the warning!!.

Also look out for 'Anti-pollution fault' message too. if this happens you'll find that the car wont rev past 2500 in EVERY gear. Goes into 'limp home' mode to restrict damage. pain in the arse. I loved the car but got fed up with the problems so got rid. got 2.0 xsi petrol at moment but gonna buy the 136bhp new 6 spd 307 next year. This engine apparently doesnt have the faults the 110 had. My clutch disintegrated after the fly wheel started warping too. Manufacturer fault which took 13 weeks to sort out. only 8 mnths after getting the car from new. It was fun.
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if you only bought it that day then the car should have been prepped and any errors sorted. I would push for the dealership to sort these errors out free of charge as you signed up to but a car that was problem free!!!
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