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I think they are like my 206 - and yes - pressed in.

I managed to do all mine myself though - you just need a 3lb copper hammer ! :lol:
- Worth buying just for this :D
You also need at least a 2ft breaker bar and large 1/2" drive sockets.
And a large set of straight circlip pliers
Bit of a long - ish job though.

You get a new hub stake nut and circlip with the bearing. - check your sockets to that before you start.
Also get new bottom link nuts and bolts - and new track rod end nuts -(you don't want one of those coming off!)
Slacken hub nut before even taking the wheel nuts off.
Jack up - support well ! Wheel off.
Undo bottom link - remove bolt completely.
Use spring compressors if needed - and remove hub from strut by removing back bolt, lots ow WD and the copper hammer.
Try not to pull the driveshaft out - or there will be gearbox oil everywhere!

Support hub on blocks of wood - and knock out the central hub - using the driveshaft nut as a suitable drift - or a metal dowel / old socket.

This will split the bearing - leaving one race on the drive hub.

Turn main hub over - clear off all cr*p - WD - and just try to tap the circlip ends towards each other. When free - use the circlip pliers. - More WD in the outer edge to the bearing.
Turn over, If you have a press - press it out, ( a helpful garage may do it)
Otherwise - suport on blocks, and smack the centre out of the back of the bearing - remove it - plus balls, and re-install it on the other side. Now you have something to hit !
Use a drift - and alternate blows to remove it slowly.

I used a grinder to slice the small race off the driveshaft - after seeing a garage do the same !

To install the new one - use the outer race as a drift.
Clean all parts with emery - then I used moly grease.
Putting the bearing in the freezer for 20 minutes makes life so much easier and reliable. (keep it sealed in a bag)
Install circlip when you're sure it's seated.

Then the drive flange. Lubricate and start with light taps. Spin it on the hub after EACH tap to ensure it is square. When it is hal-way into the bearing - STOP - or you will push the inner race out the back.
Better to install it and use the driveshaft to pull it in evenly.

Reinstall with new nuts and fittings.

Just take it slowly. I entrusted replacing the bearing on one of mine to a local garage - they smacked at it - and wrecked it (gave up in under a week) - so take it slowly and evenly - and don't strike the seal between races!
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