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hi all i have signed up 2 here looking for a solution to a problem i have come across whilst changin my wing after destroyin it hitin a tree

the problem i am faced with is that the nut pictured below has obviously coroded inside and is just constantly spining round and i cant get it of and cant see there being any place to get in behind it with out cutting a great hole in my car

http :// img134. imageshack .us/my .php ?image =11072008258gu6.jpg

please take spaces out 2 to view image

another problem which i am faced with is that during a act of boredom at work i removed the back from my remote central locking and re-atached it only to find that it now wont lock or open my doors altho it still flashes when i press it ?

cheers 4 any help thnks, andy:thumb:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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