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Hiya Guys,

Any of you guys got an idea if front fog lights can be easely fitted to the 307 estate HDI (2005), and if so can you recommend where to get them?



Hi Mad-Martin... I will try to give you a sensible reply... instead of the spam above.

Ok... you have two options.

Option 1 - is do it the Peugeot way. This will be expensive - quite possibly in the region of £500 from a main dealer. This will give you as originally fitted front foglamps. The high cost is because you need a new COMM2000 unit, which is the indicator/wiper stalks, plus there is probably a kit to enable the headlamp fog units - to allow fitting of bulbs. The loom will *most* likley already be in place for the lamps, but possibly you may need small loom extensions. Plus, when fitted, you need the Dealer level diagnostic kit to enable the lamps for them to work.

Option 2 - Go to Halfrauds and buy a generic fog lamp set and connect them all up yourself. This will probably be £30-£50 plus your time to do it. Obviously you will have to mount the switch up somewhere in the cabin. You may have some mounting challenges at the front grill, but should be do-able if you are at all competent.

So - I can probably guess which way you will go.... or possibly not at all!

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