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I own a 2007 Peugeot 307 Sport 1.6, which I have had about a year.

A couple of weeks ago, the oil temperature was taking ages to get up to 100 or often not right up at all. This was after 20mins of driving covering about 11 miles on the way to work.

On a couple of occasions, it got up to temperature (100) then slowly dropped as much as 3 bars (on the dash). I noticed the change in engine temperature with how hot the air was coming through the heater (it was set to max so goes with how hot the engine is). The outside temperature was about 3 degrees.

I’ve since recently had the oil and filter changed, however, there still seems to be a slight fluctuation in oil temperature with it briefly going down and back up again after a few minutes. Unfortunately, the weather has gotten a little warmer prior to the oil change so I can’t really compare to how it was previously, but, even at 14 degress outside today, it dropped after 20 minutes of driving.

I’m under the impression, that once a car warms up, it should stay warm with the engine running? I’ve driven to work at -5 some mornings and once the car was warm at 100 (4 bars on the dash), it would stay warm and not go down at all.

To me this is not normal behavior for the car, am I correct and does anybody please have any ideas on what is going on?

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