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Repaired a wobbly turn-signal arm on my friends 2001 307 after seing a video on YouTube. Worked perfectly, however after assembling it and starting up the car, I got the airbag light on. Went on and looked on a couple of more videos by chance, and realised that the one I watch before the repair was the only one NOT mentioning to tape up / lock the steering wheel position sensor in the middle.

Is this fixable? I googled it, and found out that what could happen was that the cable would snap off on full lock. Pried the lid off the sensor carefully and I can see that the cable is still attached in both ends, and I put it back together.

Is there any way to calibrate this and make it work again - and also get the airbag light to go away?

PS! Airbag light goes away, but comes on again after about 5 seconds of idling
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