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Hello, I bought a manual Peugoet 3000 1.6 thp (2010) last week.

I'm new to the whole Peugoet world, having only seen one of these cars last week for the first time when looking at a with a mix of good ex-fleet cars.

It drives lovely, and then engine seems great, but what really drew me was the space inside and the brilliant design and comfort.
The front passenger seat also folding down flat is a fantastic touch, as well a numerous other things.

I suppose it wouldn't be a French car without a few niggling problems, but I consider that the trade-off for all of the above! Also, mine is a LHD, so that eliminate a few potential risks.

So far I've learnt there no Haynes Manual for the 3008, which is a negative, but the finding this site has part made up for that!

I doubt I'll be taking it to a Peugeot dealer in CH, as I've yet to find any fully competent and trustworthy car mechanic in this country. I'll likely take it to the same guy just over the German border, who was excellent with our old Renault Scenic and is a real professional.

I'm not expecting owning this car to be straight forward, but am looking forward to using it to the full. :)
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