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Well the radio stalk arrived this morning and 20 minutes later I'm very happy to say that I now have steering wheel volume controls!

I can't believe how easy this was, plug and play more or less!

The only small snag that I had was that the stalk wouldn't just slide straight in because the ignition barrel was just getting in the way. I thought that I might have to remove the COMM 2000 to get it in which I didn't really want to do as I wasn't sure if I'd end up having an air bag go off in my face or not. :confused:

However I managed it by unscrewing the metal collar and releasing the small retaining clips. This allowed me to slide the COMM 2000 forward just enough to let the stalk slide in to place.

A quick test and all was working. All that I had to do was cut a notch out in the bottom cowling cover which wasn't exactly difficult since there were even marks for the knock out on the inside of the cowl.

Very happy and can't wait for the next mod :lol:
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