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2018 Peugeot 3008 Allure 1.2 PureTech EAT8 Automatic
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I’ve driven my vehicle trouble free for nearly 4 years and this is my first breakdown experience.

I own a Peugeot 3008 2018 Allure EAT8 Automatic 130 1.2 PureTech Mileage 44884 with Peugeot Extended Warranty & Peugeot Assistance.
I will cover:
Peugeot Assistance (PA)
Car Hire
Dealership Repair
Helpful Pointers

I was driving around 30mph and accelerated to overtake the car in front and my dashboard flashed red and displayed “low oil pressure fault” then went into limp mode and stalled.
Once the car stopped and without switching off the engine the fault light disappeared from the dashboard. The oil level was ¾ full at the time and a little on the dark side.

Peugeot Assistance
I pressed the black button above the dashboard and after speaking to the agent, I received an ETA SMS of 4.5hrs so after several stressful chase-up calls the mechanic turned up 6hrs later.
Once onsite he read the stored codes and suspected a timing belt fault which he later confirmed by a visual check (it was shredding). It was late so my vehicle was recovered to my home for me to arrange a repair date at my local Peugeot dealership and then contact PA/RAC for the Recovery.

Car Hire
As part of PA onward travel membership, I was entitled to 3 days car hire which can only be arranged once your vehicle is in the dealership. You then contact PA and they arrange Enterprise Car Hire to contact you. There was £300 excess on the policy for each damage occurrence and this can tally up so I paid the £15 per day no excess policy.

At the Dealership
Peugeot confirmed the repair would be carried out under the manufacturer’s warranty so after 16 days my vehicle was repaired free of charge (replacement timing belt & water pump).

Helpful pointers
Breakdown – Take a visual check of your timing belt, if it’s starting to shred have it seen to.
Check your oil levels and status as it may need changing more often.

Peugeot Assistance -Add the PA number to your phone contacts in case you breakdown in a dangerous area and don’t have the option of pressing the PA button due to safety reasons.

RAC Recovery – Take photos of your vehicle when the RAC agent is onsite and before it’s towed away

Car Hire – Shop around for car hire excess insurance cover beforehand, £15 per day maybe ok for a few days but once tied in it’s difficult to cancel so it cost me £180 for 12days hire (I was told Insurance excess cannot be refunded).

At the Dealership –
The diagnostics cost (£162) will be refunded if your repair is carried out under the manufactures or extended warranty.
If the repair is due to a manufacture’s fault you have to contact Peugeot Customer Services to extended your car hire


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