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I'm going to fit a tow bar to my 307, including the electrics, I'm not sure where's best to take a live feed from for the bypass relay?

I'm looking for some advice (someone here must have done it before), but the manual* shows a couple of likely candidates in the fuse box:
Fuse no. 10 (15A): 12 volts rear socket + trailer
Fuse no. 12 (10A): front lights, central locking, air conditioning, headlamp beam corrector...number plate and trailer lighting
Fuse no. 22 (10A): side lights, number plate and trailer lighting

Note with the first on I don't actually have a rear 12v socket, but if there wiring was there that would save me a lot of effort running the wire along the car!

But then fuse no 5 says "left brake light including trailer" - I'm slight confused that if I'm taking a live feed to power the trailer lights (via the bypass relay), why is the trailer brake light explicitly labelled on fuse 5...?

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance,


* Note manual can also be found at http[colonslashslash]
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