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So, I always suspected that my 407SW 1.6hdi was a little underpowered as it just didn't seem to act like a 1.6L even though I haven't driven many different cars. It wasn't so bad, and I kind of got used to it, so it was always on the long finger.

A few weeks ago I finally bit the bullet and went looking for a boost leak, found a hole in a vacuum pipe, and fixed it.
I was having some anti-pollution faults around the same time, and right after I fixed the boost leak it went into limp mode, so I never got a chance to check out all the horses..

I also replaced a cracked intake manifold during the weeks of limp mode. May have been losing a little bit of boost pressure there too. I really wanted to see how the car ran with the boost leak fixed!

In trying to get rid of limp mode, I cleaned the EGR, unblanked it, and then blanked it again, cleaned it again, took it apart, broke it, fixed it, and then I think it finally died. Or maybe it's working, I just don't know anymore.

Then I flashed a few different ECUs with MPPS, with DPF and EGR turned off. I'll admit I got a bit lackadaisy and I was flashing downloaded ECUs from the interwebs, that may have had different software versions. I did get a few duds where the car wouldn't start at all. I should probably have been a bit scared.. But I didn't really care anymore.

The last day or two I was getting an error in Peugeot Planet saying "ecu downloading" and injector config not performed, or something like that. but the car was running all the same, still in limp mode. I reprogrammed the injectors.
While looking through Peugeot Planet I saw that the ECU also seemed to have lost it's config. Most of the values were listed as "invalid", eg, GEARBOX, BODY TYPE, etc.
I really shouldn't have been so careless flashing the ECU!

So I manually set all the parameters in the config, and erased all the errors, and limp mode finally disappeared.

Just went for a spin there a while ago and finally got to feel what a proper working turbo\engine feels like. It's great!

I'm feeling like a bit of an idiot that I didn't bother my arse looking for that turbo leak a few years ago..

Probably a pretty boring story, but it might shed some light on something for somebody in the future. And it's something to remember if you have a persistent limp mode and can't get out of it.

I think the EGR caused the initial case of limp mode, but there was an overlap between cleaning it, and flashing the ECU, so maybe limp mode, from the bad config, carried over after the EGR was fixed..

Not sure, it was all a bit crazy.
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