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Hi guys i finally got my PP back from the repair shop in china and and it seems to work just fine im glad to report. (no more bleep from the radio:thumb: )

I just want to know what to make of the left over fault codes. I cleared the ones i could as to start from fresh and see what ones return. The one that remain are :

1 BSI Permenant fault, Comunication with air bag ecu & Intermittent fault, transponder identifier not recieved. (i get the Air bag bit but dont know what to make of the transponder identifier not recieved part)

2 No comunication with airbag ECU. Does this means that the airbag ECU needs replacing and if so is there anything i need to know prior to doing so?

Thats all i need to know for know and any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

I also get no comms from airbag ecu, just out of curiosity has your car ever had a bump causing the airbage or seatbelts to fire (as is the case with mine)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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