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Filling up from an empty garage pump?

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This is odd. I had just enough cash on me a couple of nights ago to put £5.50 of diesel in, that's just over one gallon @ £1.20 a litre. As we know, a gallon will get at least 40 miles around town. Now before putting this gallon in, my fuel gauge was so low it was very close to going into eco mode where the turbo switches off. After putting the gallon in, the gauge was showing the same exact position as before, the low fuel light was still on, and I only got 15 miles before it then went into eco mode. This doesn't make sense. I'm pretty sure the gauge should have gone up considerably more, and I should have got about 40 miles before eco mode. The gauge is working fine since I've now put more fuel in. Is it possible that a petrol station fuel pump can still clock up the litres but actually be empty, and so could I have been charged for a gallon of diesel that never actually went into the car? :confused:
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Hi johnc. :) Wow, so it looks like the pump may well have been empty. I'm back in that area tomorrow. I'll try and find the receipt and have a word at that garage. Presumably other people will have experienced the same if they used that pump.
Agreed the pumps are never calibrated as often as they should be. Take it from me I have a Spitwater industial cleaner to fill up using the refill tub of 10litres, the first occasion it cost 17.00 Aud, the second time at the same cents per litre it cost 19.00, the third time it cost 16.00 dollars, all at the same place under the same circumstances..:nono: :nono: :nono:
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