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New to the forum and had a browse to see if anyone else was experiencing the same issue as me but i seem to have found a niche problem.

My indicator will work intermittently and the horn won't work at all whilst the headlight switch is set at off on the left stalk. By intermittently i mean when moving the stalk to engage the indicator it will click 3 times then turn off.

I noticed that when the indicator stopped the headlights would come on without touching the stalk (auto headlight feature on the car) and by giving the stalk a gentle tap the headlights would turn off and the indicator work come back on.

Because i noticed the lights coming on i turned the headlights on manually using the left stalk and bizarrely the horn would work and the indicator worked without turning off randomly.

I tested this a few times and having the light switch turned on absolutely solved the issue but obviously this is not ideal and it also failed MOT because of the horn not working.

Would it be a loose stalk is interfering? I have done a bit of further research around this and come across the part i would need fitting in the Comm 2000 (Peugeot DAV Comm 2000 floppy Indicator Stalk Switch Repair Plunger COMM2000).

Want to be sure this is the problem before purchasing. Any advice?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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