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I plugged a fault reader into my Peugeot 307cc (2007) and found the following faults

injection system supply relay circuit (1 stage) opening too rapid or relay still jammed when the engine is switched off

electric EGR valve position repeat signal valve jammed during programming

If I leave the car sitting for around 48 hours, when I start it up and go to pull away, I feel as though the car is losing pull momentarily. The revs will stay low for around 1 second, and then shoot up to where they would normally be. This happens about 3 or 4 times.

After the first 60 seconds of driving this seems to disappear, but I occassionaly get this loss of pull while trying to accelerate anywhere, including motorways.

Replacing the battery as it was dead. Will update if a new battery fixes the issue or if I find any change in the fault readings after wiping the faults
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