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I have a problem with a Peugeot Partner Tepee 2015.
Also P20E8 fault. I bought car from second hand and just have made service actions with adblue loop and cap exchange - too late :(, pump probably is death. Are huge price differences between peugeot/citroen tanks&pumps on second hand market. Unfortunately the highest prices are for Partner, for other like 308 are half price lower. Based on pictures I compared pump module included in tanks for peuegot/citroen cars and they looks very similar, box is identical sometimes offset part o part number is different (version?). I'm thinking about try to replace module pump or only pump (without PCB) from set for other PSA model. What are You think, special request to Save2, it can finish with success ?

Best, Filo.

PS. Sorry for my badly English.
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