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I have the above fault, on PP2000 it shows as 'Permanent fault difference of exhaust pressure' so I took out the pressure sensor and there was a little water in it so dried it out but cannot clear fault so I will need a new one.
I looked at the readings and got this:

pef inlet/outlet pressure difference 118 mbars

engine speed 0 rpm

distance travelled since las regen 308km

output injected 38 mm3/stroke

air flow volume 0 m3/h

From what I have found on searching the 118 mbars is too high, what should the reading be?

I also got info about the filter being blocked (see attachments). I was thinking of getting shot of the DPF and having it remapped, if I do that then no need for a new sensor as it won't actually be there as such after the remap will it?


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