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Hi folks, been a lurker on here for a while & read some great advice..... & I know there's plenty of FAP threads on here..... but none really seem to have my symptoms.

I have a 55 plate 307 1.6 hdi (110) done 111k. Ive had it since about 60k & commute 50 miles each way, throughout the week.

A while back I had the message appear "risk of filter blocking". I've experienced zero episodes of power lose, no groggyness etc but I've seen a 10% drop in MPG.

I've had the car checked & have been told that the fluid is half full & the dpf isn't past regenerating. But it just simply won't trigger a regeneration cycle.

After being plugged into a diagnostic kit (not pug dealer), it only came back with error P0238:boost pressure sensor: open circuit/short.

The latest twist is that I've now started to see oil leaking from the Turbo pipe. I'm thinking that this is due to blow back being caused from restricted airflow through the dpf. Its the right hand pipe (inlet?) where there is a smaller pipe leading to the top of the engine block..... (sorry for the simple description.... believe it or not I'm an Aero engineer... but auto mechanics seems more confusing than jet engines!! Lol). The oil appears in all pipes (clean oil) Inc from the intercooler. Where / how much oil should I be seeing? I can't see the oil getting into the exhaust system as i never see any smoke on or off boost........ ??

I don't want to be spending money on fault finding, as I already have a replacement filter ready..... but if the problem isn't that I don't want to waste money putting it on.......

Any hints / advcie will be greatfully received :)
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