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hi guys - i know ive been going on about the fan kicking in on my 307 1.6hdi with fap....but seriously this is really getting to piss me off..i know that the fap regeneration must go through a cycle....but how long does it take to go through this cycle. ?....i drive my car 3 miles to work in the morning and 3 miles back...the fan just stops and starts all the time..its been 4 days know and this happens everyday..people at work keep telling me there something wrong with your car mate...when i park it up in the car park first thing on a cold morning...sounds like a jet soon as i come to a kicks...the car hardely warms up in the morning and you can hear the fan kicking in..seriously peugeot must know about this and why dont they do anything..ive just spent £525 on a egr sure peugeot would have picked up if something was wrong with the fap sysytem or fan or anything else on their diagnostics machine....its gettin to a stage where im gonna sell this car...sureley there has to be a fault somewhere..really makes me mad...:mad:

found this on another site....see below says around 375 miles for a regn cycle...mine seems to be every day....yet no warning lights on dash or additive low fact nothing????

Well I've been having a few issues with my car but learnt a few things on the way about the FAP on the car and what goes on as your driving. I thought I would jot a few notes down incase it helps anyone else. I can't say this is 100% accurate and I\m sure others will correct any mistakes or things I've missed. I know the terms and language I use will not be exact but hopefully it gives a reasonable overview of things.

The FAP filter is basically there to cut down on the cr*p coming out of the exhaust.

It catches the soot which isn't burnt off as the engine is running.

In normal operation I think the filter runs at something like 200-250c.

The special oil/fluid you hear about in other thread which is running low is there to lower the burning temp of the particles in the fuel and help out the FAP.

The fluid is injected into the fuel everytime you top up the diesel, so obviously try and top up from an almost empty tank to a full tank and the fluid will last longer Wink

Over time the FAP starts to clog up with soot particles.

To help burn off the particles which clog the FAP the car regularly enters what is called a regeneration cycle.

On my car this seems to be every 375 miles or so, I think this is a fixed interval but there could be more to it, for instance the pressure measured within the FAP could be measured, engine average revs .........

When the car enters the regeneration cycle it is basically trying to heat the FAP up to something like 450c (might be 650!!). This burns off most of the particles.

The regen appears to last around 10miles on my car (mostly on the motorway).

Ideally during the regeneration the car will be revving around 2500rpm or more for approx 10miles.
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