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I see an few members have their cars either currently being built or built and in transit.

Dean Moore has told some it takes a month to get to Sheerness, then 2 weeks from there to dealer so they can prep it for us customer to collect.

Many have said they get the keys to their new 3008's about 3 weeks after it's build date.

Clearly, its a grey area, so would members who have their car and knew their build dates let us know when you eventually collected the car.

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Mine was built on the 21st March, arrived at Doncaster via Zeebrugge on the Sunday 9th April, delivered on Wednesday 12th April and had it not been damaged I would have picked it up on the Tuesday 18th April. Bear in mind that my initial pick up date was delayed because of the Easter Bank Holiday.

I actually received it on Wednesday 3rd May after it had been in the body shop for 2 weeks - the first 7 days it wasn't even touched!
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