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I made a sad revelation to me according to what i know from what cars I owned and met so far.

I found something that in my humble opinion I consider design error, namely the inflow of rainwater into the engine area from the upper joint of the front bumper and in particular from the end sides.

In case of medium rain, water overflows to the engine compartment and follows the path I have made in the photo I uploaded. Then run over the plug from the lights and then on the metal beam where metal bumper is bolted or directly to the beam and finally ends up in the plastic space in front of the wheel cover or directly on the ground after it soaks (specially to the right) a black cable cover that I do not know about its operation.

Unfortunately and with regret it is confirmed by letting run water from hose on the lid without pressure simply with open tap and moderate flow.

Please do not hesitate to let me know:

1. If you know about this design problem.

2. If you have been informed about a Peugeot fix on the issue

3. What is the risk of this ?

I ask you the above because I want to hope that it is not a problem of my own vehicle and only a design flow of the model.

P.S. Sorry for my English not being good enough.....

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