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Hi guys,

Apologies for the long post - it's summed up at the start but the rest shows how much trouble I'm having getting it sorted.

I have a 17 plate Peugeot expert with 62k on the clock and only main dealer servicing under a service plan.

Pretty much every time I go over 60 mph and recently randomly over 40 - I get a red stop light, red engine light and orange engine light - sometimes with a loss of power sometimes not.

The fault partly clears when I stop and start the engine with only the orange light on and that tends to go off overnight.

I have had the van into two different dealers and they don't seem to be able to find a problem. Now the DPF warning comes on and off too - randomly.

I have escalated the issue to Peugeot UK and they are pressing the dealer but the service department are shocking.

They just don't seem interested in finding the fault or helping.

Does anyone have any ideas or have a similar problem?


-+++- below is my email to Peugeot UK this afternoon

Hi Toni,

It gets worse.

As Pete hadn't called me back and I was working nearby I decided to pop in to see how he was getting on.

Unfortunately it's not good, firstly whenever I have dropped my van to them I have asked that they ensure it is locked and left in their parking area or workshop - when I arrived today Pete told me it was on the road outside.

It wasn't outside, it was parked down a road two roads away on a quiet secluded street - just as I found where they had left it Pete drove down the road obviously trying to move it before I saw where it had been left. I explained several times that I have expensive equipment and stock still in the van and not to leave it on the street but obviously it hasn't sunk in.

Anyway, that is pretty much dealt with but the problem is not.

Pete explained that he had given the van to the master technician for four hours yesterday and three hours or so today - I asked what work had been done and he replied "tests".

I asked what tests and he went on to explain about the low pressure fuel system, I stopped him and reminded him that he had tested that the last time the vehicle was with them.

He then said they couldn't find a fault at all at any speed up to 70.

I asked how long it had been driven for and he said a few minutes locally each time.

When I asked him why, in light of the fact you need to be normally around 50-65 mph to generate the fault he had not taken it on the dual carriageway leading to the motorway (all of the other roads are limited to 50) he said they don't have time.

He then said that unless a fault can found they can't get payment from Peugeot - I told him that I can't understand why they hadn't properly tested it and he said he didn't know what the technician had done on the tests.

He then went on to show me a list of work on his screen including what he said was a fuel pump replacement - when I asked when this work was done he said last time the van was with them, I asked what actual work has been done in the last two days and he told me just tests.

I believe they have probably given it a quick drive round the block and parked it up - they haven't even tried to generate the fault.

When I said a simple drive at 65-70 would generate the fault as it has every time I have driven it at that and lower speeds on the motorway he said he couldn't see a fault and that he had asked Peugeot to see what Robins and Day had done on the first service.

I told him that was irrelevant as the fault needs fixing and simply fobbing me off to get me to take it elsewhere wasn't going to happen.

We got back on to the subject of the road test and when I asked him if the mileage I logged when the van was dropped off would have increased by even a mile he became increasingly defensive and started to tell me he wouldn't say any more until he spoke to the master technician.

I have arranged to go back to them tomorrow morning at 0930 to take a technician out with me and to test the van however when I asked Pete how long I would have he said maybe 10 minutes which unfortunately doesn't get me onto a 70 speed limit stretch of road especially if there is traffic.

It appears to me that he is simply, despite what he may say, in any way interested in finding or fixing the fault - he has contradicted himself in his conversations with you and I several times and seems to be just desperate to get me to go away.

Toni where do we go from here, I have absolutely zero confidence in WJ King and am actually concerned that the DPF warning has now been coming on and going off again randomly, since WJ King have had my van.

Any thoughts would be welcome, perhaps you can suggest a dealer with a track record of sorting out complex issues.

I will give you a call tomorrow after the road test.

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