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55 plate 1.9 hdi with lucus ECU.. van will start when cold ,tickover for 20 mins or more but will cut out soon after driving it. it will not start again untill left for a hour or so...

history. fully seviced with new cam belt and kit all in good working order done last year. new battery. new bosch starter earlier in the year, because of starting problems.

Now, cutting out and totally unreliable and off the road!

this van has had codes read and for while now showed 1068 " coling temp warning light circuit" a new sender unit was fitted, but did not clear the code!! A new crank sensor was fitted, and another new crank sensor was fitted ( in case the other new one had a fault)! The fuel filter housing (£80) was changed. then following more breakdowns a new code came up ( all read on sykes pickavant professional code reader) 0215 power relay.. this was replaced, although the peugeot dealer could not tell us which exactly which was the power relay..O.k code cleared. 20 mins later van broke down yet again!!! the 1608 code still shows.. are we missing the plot! is this temp wiring circuit cutting out the fuel? we are now looking for the stop start solenoid, as it apears that the fuel is just being cut to the engine! but why when hot!! o.k any suggestions please..
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