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I have a 1999 Expert Series 1 built Jan 1999 with a 1.9 turbo diesel engine.
The VIN is VF3BYDHXAxxxxxxxx
The engine number is CUHAxxxxxxx

The "Vehicle Characteristics" from Peugeot Service Box says it is a XUD9TE.

A list of Peugeot diesel engine identification codes from MY 1983 shows:
DHX = XUD9UTF in Boxer/Expert or XUD9BTF in 406/Expert.

The Peter Russek manual I just bought says DHX means it is a XUD 9BTF.

I thought the Service Box info would be definitive but maybe it is wrong.

Practically when doing checks, service or repair jobs does it matter?

I need to check the glow plugs as it just became difficult to start and produces a cloud of white smoke but once warm runs well. What bits can I easily remove to make access to the glow plug 12v feed wire possible? I mainly want to avoid removing anything that takes expertise to replace. For example, I don't want to remove the diesel pump as I guess that may require more knowledge than I have to refit and set up correctly.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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