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Hello again,

following my last post I had my glow plugs replaced by the garage so van now starts ok.

I have been trying to fix the non running heater blower. Have removed the lower part of the heater blower from van but cannot separate the fan motor from the plastic case lower half to check the brushes and resistor.

Van is 1999 Peugeot Expert 1.9 td no air conditioning or climate control.
Heater blower is BEHR - 94.499.50.137 - 94.499.51.137.

I removed the screw from underside of the plastic housing but motor will not slide out of the housing.
Removed cover for the brush spade connectors and detached spades from brush terminals, still won't move.
Looked everywhere for another clip or screw but can’t find anything on underside or looking from above through the blower fan itself.

I tried to lever the motor out but it is firmly attached somewhere, the housing would break if I tried harder!

I know it must come apart but how?
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