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Bought an expert at auction
first needed pin code - was showing error 9 - This was resolved by looking at the lower barcode on the head unit then using the last four digits to gain the pin code.
to do this just :-
add 1 to the 1st Number
2 to the 2nd number
3 to the 3rd number
4 to the fourth number
so if the last four digits are say 1234 the pin would be 2468
when entering the pin on the panel I had a 7 and a sthe panel only goes up to 6 i pressed 1 (theory being highest number 6 +1 = 7)
And I now see the options for radio/CD/ BAss etc

I now have no audio output for either cd or radio
I have checked continuity on the speaker wires and the speakers look good. (van has only done 32k miles so speakers should be good)
When a cd is inserted it does not play ie counter is not counting
I can search and store stations but no audio

Can any one please pass on any knowledge to me?

Thanks in advance

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