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Hi I have lost my turbo on my 2004 verson 2 expert HDI van.

The local garage are flummoxed.

It had a new airflow in April VDO/Siemens proper one but its showing that as a fault now.

He popped another one on from a van he was selling but no improvement.

I could really do with a picture or diagram of the fuse box layout behind the glove box please as I don`t have a handbook etc.

Is there a fuse somewhere too for the airflow meter please ?

I did buy a manual off ebay but a daft right going on to install in and won`t work once in.

As this is good spot to ask am I OK still driving the van, it still goes well like a fairly good non turbo 2 litre diesel and still does around 35mpgs( usually 38/40 with turbo working ). Live in the countyside and rather stuck with no vehicle.

I`m getting a bit desperate as since I bought it its cost a fortune even though low 50`s mileage.

Thanks in advance. Any help would be great. Mark.
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