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Hi all, I have a 08 expert tepee 1.6hdi. I believe it has the 9hu engine fitted, however my engine has died. I'm trying to locate a replacement but can't find a 9hu, are there any others that will be a direct replacement.

I have read on here that other engines are similar, but unsure if this is the case for mine

"9hx is designated DV6ATED4 and is the 90bhp version and standard wastegated turbocharger.
9hy (DV6TED4) is the higher power 110bhp version, fitted with a variable geometry turbocharger, plus diesel particulate filter (FAP)
The engines themselves are pretty much identical. As a straight swap for your engine, it'll be fine. The differences are in the ancilliaries and software in the ECU. The chances are you'll only be getting the bare engine anyway, no turbo or cat, so nothing to worry about.
Not sure if your injectors are coded or not. If they are, you'll need to fit your injectors to the new engine too."
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