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I have a 2004 1.9D Expert (non turbo). Ran into probs recently with sticking/blocked EGR, it jumped around through gear changes and farted through the odd belch of blueish smoke. so unplugged the EGR (stuck closed, unplugged vac pipes and put torx screws into ends of each of them) temporarily though as I believe this is an emissions issue. It starts/idles and runs ok at around 75-80 degrees C on temp gauge.

HOWEVER. Sluggish performance on long inclines, almost embarrassing and on narrow country roads uphill it sounds much like an old transit. The odd hot smell also (and I drive pretty smoothly), though I did overfill the oil for a day or two this has addressed.

Investigating further I have come to believe the Catalytic converter may be shot (Or is it just a particulate filter? - there does not seem to be any O2 sensor anywhere near the apparent 'Cat)'. If i tap said 'box' it resounds with an echo of tinny looseness. Hence the 'old transit/tractor sound?

Can anyone add any insight? Where would the O2 sensor be if it is a Catlytic Converter? I believe I can test the sensor for PSI? Really worried about my lovely van.
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