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Hi All,

My 2002 2.0 Hdi Expert van has started making an odd sound when it gets up to temperature. A sound like lots of small bubbles popping coming from behind the instrument panel.

Today the brakes began to lose power too, so I'm thinking a leak from the master cylinder?

( Edit: Well I found a leak from what seems to be a breather pipe off the side of the fluid reservoir. It has a sort of rubber olive type seal and was full of brake fluid. I'm going to try putting a small hose clamp over this and see if the sound disappears. Brake fluid level looks fine, especially after I spilt so much, perhaps it was high before... I've bought the van recently!)

Probably unrelated I've just taken the left side wheel off to investigate another new sound from there, a knocking on each rotation. I found the brake pad wear indication cable snapped, trailing (presumably making contact with the inside of the wheel), and showing signs of abrasion. More than this the offside brake squealed yesterday and having taken the pads out I find that the inner one is down to metal whilst the outer, though intact, is cracked along the join.

Pad wear is extremely uneven with about 8mm remaining on the outside pad. On the nearside wheel the pads are both intact but show uneven wear as well, with about 2mm more wear on the inner pad. I can't feel any major problems with the sliding mechanism on either side. Both have a certain amount of play but seem to move alright when not under braking load, the offside caliper being a little more reluctant than the nearside one.

Any advice on the diagnosis would be greatly appreciated,


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