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Hi guys I'm based in Brighton and loving the van that I bought last week .
It had a few major niggles and I am working my way through them
I noted a general problem with the sliding doors and shall be using that fix in the next few days .
I recently removed the headlling cleaned it all up and installed a new ariel
New wiper blades and a mechanic replacing cambelt and water pump as van has 108,000 on the clock and no history

1..I AM ABOUT to do an oil and filter change in the next couple of days and wondered if it would be a bad idea to do an engine oil clean with a wynns. Cleaner or not
I don't want to disturb old gunk or is it advisable to do so.

2. The heater has at some point been independently rewired I have taken of the console stripped back the control module and looked at it the three pulley arms for temperature,direction of flow and ,air in are fine but the heating temperature is on full and I noted that the slider is 2 contacts
That slide across a contact metal thin strip underneath is a simple arm and. O connection beyond is it missing a peice ?
Pic attached below note I stripped it back to the next layer removing the contact plate

3 the van is amazing the cab is like new and I have been gradually dismantling and cleaning it was owned by a dj so no wear to the seats either going up a hill in forth I have to pull back to third half way up is this usual .the gearbox is very firm
Does that indicate it may need topping up

4... Where do I find the Egr as I would like to take off and clean it ,cheers

Well that's the main post love my van and thanks for having me

By the way any replies in simple terms I'm
Adventurous but no mechanic


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