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at begin sorry for my english.
i need help with my car Peugeot Expert 1.6hdi 2008
I got two errors P0490 and P1459 (from time to time P0409)
What i have done till now:
- installed new EGR from Valeo (bought in ASO)
- checked wires from ECU to EGR (all look good)
- checked wires with bulb (all 5 are passing power - bulb lights)
- i got new BSM
- repeire broken wires from bsm on left side of engine (bsm ->ecu connection)
they ware broken on engine mount
- make raset bsi by instruction

What is going on?
Whan in conect to car with diag. interface i can remove all errors and whan i start engeine every things working (egr is working).After drive some distance errors come back and egr stopts.
When i remove errors and turn off ignition and turn on errors come back.
When i remove errors and leave ignition on they will come back after a cople minutes.
Whan i remove errors and start engine. Then after driving fews kilometers and warm up engine. When i turn off ignition they come back but they need mutch more time to that. If i got more time till errors after driving i can normaly adapt EGR - pass with no errors.

To sum it up:
So when i remove errors egr is normaly working.
With errors on EGR is not working.
Errors are coming back.

I will by grateful for any clues and help.

Best regards

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ok today i tested with lexia
engine speed 0
temp of fluid in cooling system 16
fuel temp -40
measured injector flow 0
intake air temperature 899

EGR copying position 0
position of EGR valves 100mWolt

in diagbox for both errors

position of EGR valves: Invalid value

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What about intake air temperature? it show 899*C

-40*C is notice only with error, normal when i check fuel temp. i see 25-30*C
How can i check this sensor?

Today i remove errors and start engine. RCO recirculation solenoid valve drop from 90 to "unknown value" when i increase engine speed.


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Today I took out an egr with wires. I ripped the plug from the back and measured it with a multimeter. After turning the key to the ignition position on pins 2-3 I have -2.4V, which after a while changes to 0 (errors P0490 and P1459 appear).
With a value of 0 on pins 2-3, both are ground to minus of engine(- battery).
From time to time form ECU exits -2.4V, then the short circuit disappears and the valve itself can be controlled from the diagnostic program.
The values during the control range from -2.4V to 9.6V (range 12V). When i controls the valve from the diagnostic computer, it still has current and does not catch 0V and short to ground regardless of the V value.
If I stops controlling, it returns to 0V after a while and from time to time to -2.4V.

What range of values should go from ECU to EGR on pin 2-3?
Should he catch 0V and ground on both pins?
I wonder about -2.4V, is there a problem in the ECU?
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