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Following a 96,000 mile service by Robins and Day which was not completed, I noticed that on start up the display on the binnacle of my '04 Boxer 2.0 HDI kept saying the oil was high.
I drained a bit out, but some time later my fuel consumption has gone from an average of 28mpg to 15 mpg :(
I had another garage replace the fuel and air filters but this seems to have had no impact.
Was the high oil the culprit? Or was that a coincidence and is there a common fault for mileage to go down like that?
New pads on the front aren't causing problems, rear wheels aren't hot to touch after driving for a while, and I've tried Redex injector cleaner in the last two full tankfulls to see if it helps but to no avail.
Any suggestions?
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