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Hello all,

I have recently purchased a Citroen Dispatch with a 2.0 Petrol EW10A engine (the later VVT variant of the EW10).

I am changing the cambelt but have found that although the crank timing pulley is keyed to the crank, there is loads of backlash/play in the joint, an thus I dont think I can just time up using paint pens.

Does anyone know the procedure? Im aware there some info online for the older EW10's, but the cam pulleys look different, and on the pulley with the VVT hub I cannot see a hole for placing a locking pin

The block does have the large hole for locking the flywheel (just above drive shaft), but unless I can also lock the cams that doesnt really help.

Being shoehorned into just a tiny bonnetspace, and engine being located pretty much below windscreen, access is probably the worst ive ever come across, so its difficult to say whether ive missed the inlet cam locking hole.

If anyone has a procedure or advice for changing the belt that would be much appreciated.

Pictures attached.


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