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I have had this fault recently which as just been fixed.

The official peugeot fault codes say Wheel spped signal (then which wheel) & wheel speed sensor circuit (then which wheel)

Got a favour from a family friend to fix this and he replaced the sensor and no more fault codes.

The sensors are not really expensive to buy (got mine for £24) Called peugeot and they wanted £119 + VAT + Labour!

The whole job cost me £60!

If you dont get this fixed asap it becomes linked to a braking fault giving a grinding noise when breaking. This is all linked to the ABS. Although there were 2 fault codes according to peugeot only one sensor needed replaced when the peugeot garage would have replaced both of them.

Hope this helps!

I love my car but it is just a pain in the a*** when it needs fixed!

Thats what we like to hear, someone else refusing to pay peugeots high prices :)

Glad to hear you got it sorted, common problem is the ABS sensor spacing, and rust behind them, easy enough to fix if you know how/know someone who'll do it

and welcome to the forums as well :thumb:
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