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When driving to work last week, as I braked for a junction, I got a loud bleep come from the dashboard, the traction control and stability control lights illuminated, and on the center console I got the warnings "ESP/ASR NOT FUNCTIONING", followed by a second bleep and "ABS FAULT".

When I arrived at work I switched it off, then on again to try to clear it. It didn't, instead the added symptom of my instantaneous fuel consumption being stuck on 9.4mpg. After work, I jumped in and drove home with the faults all still present and an added symptom of my speedometer being stuck on 0 presented itself. I stopped for fuel, and on restarting my car the speedometer began working again as did the fuel economy on the trip computer. However it was giving very strange readings (60-70mpg at 30 mph, and 30-40mpg at 70mph), and the range on one tank dropped from circa 600miles, down to 500miles.

I suspect it is a speed sensor on one of the wheels as I have heard they are fairly exposed, but I am not sure why the change in fuel economy readings. Is there something corrupted in the trip computer? Or does it require accurate readings from all four wheels?

Any takers?
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