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Error PO410 407 2.2L petrol advice

Issue when starting from cold the engine is badly misfiring for 30 secound approx then settles down and drives fine. May also happen at each start.
have been driving for around three months with this issue.
notes> this early model engine is not fitted with a EGR Value also not known to have sticky value issues and rare to have a air pump fault. so i have been told by the dealer. checked the air pump, supply hose for leaks and air value all good. Suspected problem lies within the cylinder head air injection TRACK/PASSAGE. so what we have done is removed the air value, cleaned air injection passage in the cylinder head as best as possible using Combustion Cleaner and hope this will do something. really requires the removal of the head and professionally cleaned to fix. $$$$$$. engine done 160,000kms
first day on the road lets see what happens.
Hope this info can help someone. Cheers.
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