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My wife's 1.6L 307 52Reg has developed a fault. On start up a "Passenger Air bag deactivated" error is displayed. I attempted to cycle the Passenger Air bag switch between the two front seats, the initial switch action worked as an an "AirBag Off "light appeared in the main instrumental panel. When I tried to reset the switch it was seized up and would not operate with the ignition key.

Question 1. Is there some interlock procedure built in to prevent such action or has this switch a history of failure . The switch has not been operated duringthe for 5years we have owned the car?

Question 2 Can I replace the switch without the need for diagnostics input from Peugeot?


1: i dont think so, i've had a few phantom deactivated messages myselft and its never locked the switch

2: I would think you can swap this no problem, however are the locks on these specific to the ignition key? you could end up having a completely different key just for this switch!!

Have you tried any sort of WD40 or something along them lines, or is it stuck in the sense that its broke as opposed to just seized?

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