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Hello all

I've had great help for my wife's car from the Volvo forum. I'm currently planning on assisting a less-mechanically-ept friend service his recently acquired 2001 1.6 L petrol 307 with 160000 miles, so I've joined this forum for advice.

Some problems he has presented me with are:

Pollution fault message on the dash.
Juddering just before the car stops when braking
Grinding noise+feeling when moving down to 2nd gear.

My first questions are:

Is there on-board diagnostics, or does he need a garage with diagnostic computer?

What should we look at after checking condition of the pads and discs?

Is this grinding common? I'm currently planning on renewing the brake+clutch fluid, and I'm hoping this will help.

Having looked in the Haynes manual, we'll be leaving the belts and tensioning to a garage with their special tools. We're doing the oils, filters and plugs ourselves, everything else is not yet decided.

Thanks in advance.

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