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Hi all,

I have been trying to solve an issue with pug 307 2.0ltr HDI 136 break.

Original issue : particulate filter fault on dash and red engine light on screen.

Got hold of Snap on odb diag tool and found many errors, one pointing to p0102, flow sensor incoherence. So as it was a high end price of kit cleared down codes ensured the Eloy res was activated and did a forced regeneration. This cleared DPF but 20 miles of reasonably hard driving it came back on, codes came back!! Since then I have a new DPF still to fit but found it is now running lumpy after a second regeneration but now have no lights. Having rechecked Error codes 1598 and 1461 reappeared and have been the most persistent ones to occur.

So I am told EGR is knackered requires replacing / cleaning or needs calibrating / setting up again within diag tool. Which idea is correct for 1461 EGR Valve learning? This would explain the lumpy drive if cali ration is out! So is it programmable?

As for 1598 cooling circuit bypass solenoid valve circuit short circuit I do not seem to find anything out, so what is the cause and how do I overcome this?

Appreciate any help on both these codes 1598 and 1461. All other codes have disappeared for now.

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